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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Why do I have all of these inhibitions?
I keep pounding my head on the mantle of my life.
I feel your love and compassion,
but my ignorance and stupidity keep me from it.

To chase you, to know that you are standing around me.
My heart is blessed, my mind is cursed.
Why the humanness that binds me?
I will keep chasing when there is no need.

I will follow and seek forgiveness.
I will pray that pain and misery subside.
I will love thee the only way I know how.
I will stand in the breath of your shadow.

I will, but will I completely?
Will I fail, can I keep astride?
Then your death brings remembrance,
that the chase is there no more.

You found me, you love ME!
You died for me!
I could never deserve this,
this chase you have already finished.


The truth cannot be seen with souls eyes unopened.
Much knowledge is gained from words less spoken.
His shadow quietly, silently overcomes.
Will my heart, soul, and mind remain as one?

I am embraced, overwhelmed, and gracefully enraptured.
Does this stirring in my soul mean I am captured?
This eternity, infinity, and much longer than forever.
Is this the time frame that God sees us together?

As you whispered, “Forgive them Father,
they know not what they do.”
This agony, tearing of my heart,
this unimaginable truth.

Unbearable, insufferable, and horrific pain
taken for a miscreant’s expense.
Passage of time and men, this still clings to my
heart after generations of lights have been spent.

Forgive me, forgive me Father as this scourge
remains fixed to my hand.
To be sightless, ignorant of the Savior,
this hammer I wield at the Son of man.

Driving, striking, pushing these irons
through the carapace of God’s mortality.
Lifting, up heaving this tree of damnation,
the motionless gaze of your body’s frailty.

Gasping, moments of breath from heaven,
I peer at the crown of exaltation.
Your last, your precious last draw of life
I grapple the lance, thrusting conformation.

By my hands…

We are all guilty of His death. Only God could go through this and still offer us eternity.”

When I call upon you Jesus,
can I lay down at your feet?
When all this pain surrounds me,
you put my soul at ease.

Can I catch one blessing,
one word from your lips?
Can I find glory in your shadow?
Am I strong enough for this?

My tears are not worthy,
to wash sand from off your feet.
Can I have one touch of mercy,
is there enough for me?

Is there a place for me in heaven,
A seat right on the edge?
Where my eyes can see your glory,
I would hang off the ledge.

I do not need a mansion,
I pray for just one kiss.
To sing and dance for you forever,
would you permit me this?

I know I am unworthy,
there is nothing that I know.
But I would praise you my whole life
to hold one stitch of your robe.

Lord how can you forgive me,
a million times or more
I know you’ve told me a million times,
but what did you do this for?

For my edge of heaven

You are the tree that shades me,
from the fears that besiege me.
From this darkness that inhibits my day.

Your amnesty flows like the oceans,
as I go through the motions.
Knowing all of this will soon pass away.

My burden is a feather,
but I feel my body has been severed.
From this weight, I cannot take anymore.

The chances that I fate,
the trials that I take,
these labyrinths always lead to your door.

Christ’s body was thin,
but He was conqueror of men.
His book of destiny, love abides for all time.

There are answers for the listen,
Heaven for submission.
For His fate governs our hearts and our minds.

Three wishes converted into three loving prayers
Hopeless without God who oversees my affairs
Resigning wishes to the lost hearts of this place
Ecstatically resting this first prayer upon our fate
Every heart is true love, my first prayer, Amen

Whispers, that your Spirit transcends every soul
I see the second of prayers as my wishes unfold
Surrounded by grace, your beautiful atmosphere
Hearing ballads of the hosts, aroma to our ears
Even with three prayers, only the last will atone
Sent: my last; we all kneel before God’s throne