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Why do I have all of these inhibitions?
I keep pounding my head on the mantle of my life.
I feel your love and compassion,
but my ignorance and stupidity keep me from it.

To chase you, to know that you are standing around me.
My heart is blessed, my mind is cursed.
Why the humanness that binds me?
I will keep chasing when there is no need.

I will follow and seek forgiveness.
I will pray that pain and misery subside.
I will love thee the only way I know how.
I will stand in the breath of your shadow.

I will, but will I completely?
Will I fail, can I keep astride?
Then your death brings remembrance,
that the chase is there no more.

You found me, you love ME!
You died for me!
I could never deserve this,
this chase you have already finished.


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