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I am always thinking of you…
Constantly, emphatically, and astonishingly.
You do have an aura about you that infatuates me,
I am obsessed by it, and I cling to it.

There is such a strong connection and yearning…
My soul seeks it and I adore you above all else.
I shall never place you below anything.

I have such a passion for your touch,
your smile, and your gaze upon me.

These are beyond, too far gone from “pretty words”.
I live in your breath; I cherish the gift that God has given me.
Our hardships and doubts will fade.

The process makes our love unbreakable and undeniable.
You are my kindred spirit, my mirror, and my all.
Love is not enough of a definition to define you to me.
There is nothing on earth or in the universe that could give me more.

With every beat, my heart, it truly whispers your name.
Saying, showing, and giving you my love can never be enough.
I always will strive to give you more.

For when we are apart I dream…

Knowing that distance is anticipation for greater things to come.


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