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For Her:

Your face brings the sunrise that dispels my darkness,
would you smile to lengthen my days?
If my heart were your chariot, would you hold the harness?
Will your hands ever capture my face?

You float through my mind like a butterfly’s wings,
will I ever get to feel your gracious touch?
I would tremble from your whisper, the softness it brings,
to you could I ever mean this much?

I would give my whole life for one second with you,
is this time that you can spare or afford?
Answers for our questions, our hearts will find truth,
can we collide and bond to be become one accord?

You are the beauty in dreary eyes, you are timeless.
As I think of you constantly, can you feel?
The first kiss from you was priceless;
will you embrace me to show this fantasy is real?

My words seek your heart, your love, forever.
Can I be your strength in times when you need me?
By the destiny of God He will bring us together,
as we flow in serenity, will we become like the sea?

I would be your best friend, handing you every star,
would you take and hide them in your eyes?
I will kiss away your fears and caress away your scars,
would you want this past the end of your life?

I would give all I have, until nothing was left,
would that be enough to make your life amazing?
The first time I saw you, my aura, my life wept,
would your soul miss a beat because of me?

Your imperfections make you perfect;
can you live with my faults?
The awe’s of your preciousness makes me reflect;
can you have me if I hold you above all?

This is me, this is what I am,
can you live with this the rest of your days?
I am here, longing to be a beautiful man,
would you, could you, ever see me this way?


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