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Monthly Archives: December 2007

It is Sunday morning, she weeps at church.
Not a one realizes the destruction, the hurt.
No need to repress, the wells have dried.
Not one can fathom these tears she’s cried.

They are countless, the seas have overflowed.
She cannot quiver this pain no matter where she goes.
She needs to run, to ascend to the sky.
Even there, she knows, she has no where to hide.

She seeks seclusion, the side of the dark moon.
She feels withering; her flower, it no longer blooms.
She just needs to remember when her world goes bad,
He’s the best brother, father, friend that she’s ever had.

Stephanie is beautiful this time of year,
but she only hears what she wants to hear.
Tell her that she is magnificent and wonderful,
she blesses anyone no matter where she goes.

Seasons go forth, seasons relent, she has seen them all.
New life is coming, but with her everything falls.
The glorious twinkle, God’s precious child.
That through her fallings, we still find Stephanie’s smile.


They say beauty “is in the eye of the beholder.”
No, I say, beauty is in the eye of our Creator.
It is not subjective, but is in His perspective,
fashioned from the omniscient hands of our Maker.

This reflective, tarnished image,
autumn strands, and fields of phenomenal array.
The complex luster, skin of awe-inspiring visage,
the silken lines, provocative, winding streams they partake.

The subtleness, the benevolence of substantial form,
implementation of God’s handiwork, and beautifully assumed.
The navigation, the elusiveness of the way it conforms,
the gracefulness of the body, what this woman can do.

The uniqueness, the amazing creation of oneness,
the shapeliness, and the exquisiteness of true beauty.
From the crown to the heel, the fascination of elegance,
comparable to an angelic mold;
Why is it her eyes besiege her?

The spear brought forth conformation
that our precious Savior had passed.
How many spears do you carry?

The spear that confirmed for us,
His shallow breath, His last.
How many spears, in Him, have you buried?

Beyond the ascension and the
release of His Holy Spirit.
How many spears have you thrown?

With our iniquities and failures
He is re-pierced, do we not fear it?
Tell me, how many spears do you own?