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Deeper shades of softness in your hair, your eyes
A sweetness buried like a treasure, elusive, traces found
My life filled with hoping, many tries
To unearth the breath, your soul, your inner sound

That my fate balances on the edge of your fingertip
That you hold my head an inch above the waves
That each sorrow, each doubt, drowns with your kiss
The warmth of your sunrise never fades

If you could behold through my eyes, my vision
If you could feel through my skin, so fully
If you could hear through my ears, I listen
If you could taste from my tongue, sensuously

My path, my road is broken without you
My thoughts, my mind, so perplexed
That I feel beauty, sense it’s reality through you
So simple, but I’ve never seen something so complex

You have shown a fool to love, real love, real truth
That is not overcome by forever, by infinity
That any chains that bind I shred apart, I tear through
That I could face the end of the world, any tragedy

That to keep safe the moments, the miracles
That the trials are our strength, not a weakness
Though at times my shell seems terrible
My heart, through you, always finds a peacefulness


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