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I write my online faith poems because it is my way of expressing how I feel and what God has done for me. Everyone has an outlet to get what they want to say across. I have faith in God no matter how hard I fall. It is not the fact that at times I have turned my back on Him…He never turns His back on me.

That is why I share my faith poems with you online to show that I have joyous days, painful days, and many days where I am just lost. I hope that you read and enjoy what I place upon this page and that it can help your faith increase (even just a little bit).

Being online and sharing your faith can be tough at times, but it should never be. We should shout out our faith in Christ to all that can see or hear it and this may be my way of making myself do just that.

I just pray that God will continue to give me the abilities to write my feelings and express them in a way that will not just help myself, but others as well. So please read through my blog of online faith poems and see what I have posted so far. I will continue to post new poetry, thoughts, and stories as I go along.

Hope you walk this path with me.

In Christ,

Online Faith Poems for Christ


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