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Our eyes have yet to behold your dignity, as
our ears have yet to hear what our hearts pronounce.
Our hands have yet to embrace our Savior,
as our thoughts have yet to comprehend your sentience.

This beautiful man we have never seen, not in your countenance,
but in the unrelenting love of, and for God.
This beautiful man who by grace, who adores us all,
forgoing His will to thrive, so as to bring us before the Father.

To give the lifeless inspiration, wounded gracious
rejuvenation, and all human malefactors’ redemption.
That He still grieves and requisitions the lost,
so that all who do not acknowledge Him can still be enthroned.

The most beautiful, fascinating, resplendent greatness
that God brought forth to manifest His adulation.
As we forsake, to foolishly overlook this sacrificial
truth and disregard from whence we became.

That this beautiful man, for all to encompass, can ignite
the illuminations from the darkened windows of our souls.
That our burdens are dismantled from the admiration
of His being, this most beautiful man we have never seen.


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