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Bestowed upon me is the gift.
A bequest of the One, the Trinity.
Now before you scurry on, I’ll be swift.
Just hear me out, see the possibilities.

My soul and mind were being consumed by fear.
Annihilated by anathema, anger, and bitterness.
The incubus in my mind shred me to deathly tears.
My last gasp; my abdication from Hades wilderness.

Here is a metaphor
for you to explore.

Think of God as the breathing of air.
You do not view it, but it is there.
Think of Christ as the wind.
He is, swirls around, and is gone again.
Think of the presence of the Holy Spirit.
You feel the breeze and can also hear it.

I do not need my eyes to contemplate
this revision and the renewal I demonstrate.
From His last, He said it was finished; done.
Trinity. All three for the expense paid by


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