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The alabaster of my vitality is broken,
and my life is now torn from shreds of despair.
My heart mourns as no words can be spoken
and from this damage, dear God, can you repair?

This anguish, my breath still, shallow,
and my will to persevere is close to end.
That within the confines of your trust I follow
and my soul is yours to bless and renew again.

This tear in my heart is gaping, so painful,
and I pray that you fill it with your light.
My essence is trampled from this burden I pull
and my life needs your armor in this fight.

My alabaster is empty, it’s lost its savor
and these trials bring the depths of who I am.
That God seals my heart with the thread of the Savior,
that my life, and my alabaster will be filled again.


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