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There is no expression or multitude of words
that can designate the love I have for you.
One would have to speak to my heart to truly
comprehend the astonishment of you, this truth.

Crystal waterfalls of abundant delectation,
flux my soul with the peace of your pleasantness.
The weeping willow of my heart does not hibernate,
because of the nurture, and tutelage of your carefulness.

That my structure is not broken, nor barren,
and I have indebtedness that exudes from my breath.
This silver lining of my epoch is compelled to
gratitude you have richly implemented through death.

This is not a visual perspective; my eyes do
not need to perceive this wondrous galore.
That which I speak of, my heart has the eyes,
and the conception of you I so infinitely adore.


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