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Category Archives: beauty

This reflective, tarnished image,
autumn strands, and fields of phenomenal array.
The complex luster, skin of awe-inspiring visage,
the silken lines, provocative, winding streams they partake.

The subtleness, the benevolence of substantial form,
implementation of God’s handiwork, and beautifully assumed.
The navigation, the elusiveness of the way it conforms,
the gracefulness of the body, what this woman can do.

The uniqueness, the amazing creation of oneness,
the shapeliness, and the exquisiteness of true beauty.
From the crown to the heel, the fascination of elegance,
comparable to an angelic mold;
Why is it her eyes besiege her?


I have this passion for you that emblazons
the deepest pocket of my soul;
Unfaltering, I am yours for the taking.

The depths, the comprehension, the shear beauty
that continuously unfolds;
Days of dreams of you without waking.

This fierceness that soothes at the
very foundation of my essence;
Moved to drown in the mist of your eyes.

This unashamed, masterful, this astounding
aura of mercy commands my presence;
The mystery of heaven, within you it abides.

Her hair is like an autumn canvas,
swaying fluid like the trees.
Her skin illuminates,
like new fruits of spring.

Her emotions blanket the sky,
like clouds uplifting.
Where can you find her?
Quietly eclipsing my life.