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Category Archives: love poems

I stand alone, confined within this space
But only your eyes see my disgrace
I cannot swallow my shameful regrets
A painful wind – it steals my breath

I hate the way that I constantly behave
I am lost even though I am saved
To flee this world and all it brings
When I die will my soul have wings?

Why do I stumble?
Why do I lie?
Without you Lord
I cannot fly

I am this fool
Flat on my face
I want to run
Out of this place

Why do I laugh?
When I should cry
I am so lost
This hurt inside

My soul screams out, stands up to fight
Choking tears now drown my life
Where is your light?
Jesus I am missing you tonight


Her hair is like an autumn canvas,
swaying fluid like the trees.
Her skin illuminates,
like new fruits of spring.

Her emotions blanket the sky,
like clouds uplifting.
Where can you find her?
Quietly eclipsing my life.

Picture the flight of wings
A brilliantly illuminated butterfly
Graceful it floats as the wind sings
Eyes on it’s wings stare at a cloud laden sky

It’s glare can subdue the most tenacious creature
Tiptoes on the air so fluently
Envisioning butterflies, seeing her
The masquerade in multi-colored fields be stills me

Landing effortlessly on a violet wonder
Consummating harmonious beauty
Still magnificence that quiets thunder
It lifts peacefully away to dance for me

If only to have ears to hear it’s ambrosial song
Breathe the amazement of this cherished thing
A mesmeric easel to whom I belong
My love, my love, she is butterfly wings

Love’s tenacity can crush a diamond,
but can cradle the most fragile creature.
The strands of old scars fade slowly,
renewal brought forth by a beautiful weaver.

This endless spectrum of emotions,
from passion above all desire.
From infatuated fervor to hateful isolation,
this delicacy, this abhorrent, Love’s fire.

For Her:

Your face brings the sunrise that dispels my darkness,
would you smile to lengthen my days?
If my heart were your chariot, would you hold the harness?
Will your hands ever capture my face?

You float through my mind like a butterfly’s wings,
will I ever get to feel your gracious touch?
I would tremble from your whisper, the softness it brings,
to you could I ever mean this much?

I would give my whole life for one second with you,
is this time that you can spare or afford?
Answers for our questions, our hearts will find truth,
can we collide and bond to be become one accord?

You are the beauty in dreary eyes, you are timeless.
As I think of you constantly, can you feel?
The first kiss from you was priceless;
will you embrace me to show this fantasy is real?

My words seek your heart, your love, forever.
Can I be your strength in times when you need me?
By the destiny of God He will bring us together,
as we flow in serenity, will we become like the sea?

I would be your best friend, handing you every star,
would you take and hide them in your eyes?
I will kiss away your fears and caress away your scars,
would you want this past the end of your life?

I would give all I have, until nothing was left,
would that be enough to make your life amazing?
The first time I saw you, my aura, my life wept,
would your soul miss a beat because of me?

Your imperfections make you perfect;
can you live with my faults?
The awe’s of your preciousness makes me reflect;
can you have me if I hold you above all?

This is me, this is what I am,
can you live with this the rest of your days?
I am here, longing to be a beautiful man,
would you, could you, ever see me this way?

You are the Keeper of my secrets…
The one for whom my heart has reverence…
For infinity, well beyond eternity…
With you, my love, boundaries cease…

I am always thinking of you…
Constantly, emphatically, and astonishingly.
You do have an aura about you that infatuates me,
I am obsessed by it, and I cling to it.

There is such a strong connection and yearning…
My soul seeks it and I adore you above all else.
I shall never place you below anything.

I have such a passion for your touch,
your smile, and your gaze upon me.

These are beyond, too far gone from “pretty words”.
I live in your breath; I cherish the gift that God has given me.
Our hardships and doubts will fade.

The process makes our love unbreakable and undeniable.
You are my kindred spirit, my mirror, and my all.
Love is not enough of a definition to define you to me.
There is nothing on earth or in the universe that could give me more.

With every beat, my heart, it truly whispers your name.
Saying, showing, and giving you my love can never be enough.
I always will strive to give you more.

For when we are apart I dream…

Knowing that distance is anticipation for greater things to come.

When I call upon you Jesus,
can I lay down at your feet?
When all this pain surrounds me,
you put my soul at ease.

Can I catch one blessing,
one word from your lips?
Can I find glory in your shadow?
Am I strong enough for this?

My tears are not worthy,
to wash sand from off your feet.
Can I have one touch of mercy,
is there enough for me?

Is there a place for me in heaven,
A seat right on the edge?
Where my eyes can see your glory,
I would hang off the ledge.

I do not need a mansion,
I pray for just one kiss.
To sing and dance for you forever,
would you permit me this?

I know I am unworthy,
there is nothing that I know.
But I would praise you my whole life
to hold one stitch of your robe.

Lord how can you forgive me,
a million times or more
I know you’ve told me a million times,
but what did you do this for?

For my edge of heaven