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The Second Law of Thermodynamics
says all things fade and diminish.
Only does Christ say, “I make all things new”,
as eternal life is brought forth, replenished.

That God enabled this life to begin,
to grow and nurture; He will end this.
That the fruits I have gained,
seeds I have sown, by His grace I will reap at the finish.


The beauty amid these horrid ruins
His grace removes my tainted vision
His silent, powerful intrusion
To be blessed beyond recognition

DG 2009

I proclaim the name of Jesus as my Savior, my
Redeemer, my Giver, and Bearer of salvation!
I will stand my ground; my conviction shall
not be shaken, as I joust with malicious nations!

They can strike God from justice, academics
and country, but they will not remove God from my heart!
As the wails of their souls seek Abbadon’s flame,
my Grandeur, the In dweller of my vitality, shall never depart!

The highest peaks, the deepest abyss,
are minuscule to the adornment I have for you!
That I would rather perish, then to relinquish,
the heavenly mansion that vaults from your Truth!

I will love you, my God, through all shadows
of my earthly existence and trials of faith!
To bow down and uplift the majestic Glory,
the magnificent marvel my soul awaits!

Jesus is my Savior! My great King of
my life’s duty and blessed Ambassador!
This is my manifesto, my oath, as the residue
of my former self is unaccompanied forevermore!

DG 2009

Tired of playing games like I am innocent
Lost days and ways that my time was spent
Sand castles, spinning tassels, whining my way through all life’s hassles

So sick of guilt, man up, face up to it
My picture window has had a brick thrown right through it
Thorns and thistles, weeping and gnashing, without Christ my life is crashing

I’m put back together with invisible scars
Trying to find out who you really are
Seeking answers to understand; the innocent man with His blood on my hands

Still banging my head on the mantle of my life
Still slothful and fearful of what is right
Still prideful, selfish, and too stupid to realize this truth…

I am tired of me…

There is no expression or multitude of words
that can designate the love I have for you.
One would have to speak to my heart to truly
comprehend the astonishment of you, this truth.

Crystal waterfalls of abundant delectation,
flux my soul with the peace of your pleasantness.
The weeping willow of my heart does not hibernate,
because of the nurture, and tutelage of your carefulness.

That my structure is not broken, nor barren,
and I have indebtedness that exudes from my breath.
This silver lining of my epoch is compelled to
gratitude you have richly implemented through death.

This is not a visual perspective; my eyes do
not need to perceive this wondrous galore.
That which I speak of, my heart has the eyes,
and the conception of you I so infinitely adore.

Bestowed upon me is the gift.
A bequest of the One, the Trinity.
Now before you scurry on, I’ll be swift.
Just hear me out, see the possibilities.

My soul and mind were being consumed by fear.
Annihilated by anathema, anger, and bitterness.
The incubus in my mind shred me to deathly tears.
My last gasp; my abdication from Hades wilderness.

Here is a metaphor
for you to explore.

Think of God as the breathing of air.
You do not view it, but it is there.
Think of Christ as the wind.
He is, swirls around, and is gone again.
Think of the presence of the Holy Spirit.
You feel the breeze and can also hear it.

I do not need my eyes to contemplate
this revision and the renewal I demonstrate.
From His last, He said it was finished; done.
Trinity. All three for the expense paid by