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God’s still small voice

Echoes like the chorus of millions of voices

God’s still voice

Shakes the ground upon which I tread

God’s still small voice

Stirs the fear of His mighty power

God’s still voice

Will bring this world to submission before Him

Why do we not heed and listen?

Why must we wait for judgements and scrolls?

Why does the still small voice of the Almighty Father go unheard?

Why is it harder to hate this world than to love the One who created us?

Still, His still small voice resounds within my inner thoughts

When will I truly hear Him?

DG 2009


How many mornings have rolled out of bed and the first thing you do is start to worry about issues that just will not go away? You cannot get around the fact that this or that issue has not been resolved and it just drives you insane!

Why not make your first thought something like, “God has blessed me with this day and He will provide, guide, and support me through any and all situations that arise. He is my Father and I am His child and He will never leave or forsake me.”

We all have our ups and downs, but I have found that when you do not worry and let God have full control over the situation, the problem will take care of itself. Christ said in John 14:6, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

So with that in mind, Jesus proclaims that He is the only way to the Father, the only way to Heaven, the only truth, the only way to peace in your life, and the only way to climb out of any struggle you are caught up in. That is reassuring to know that you have a Creator, Mentor, Father, and Best Friend that will walk with you each step of your life.

I find many times that when I start to doubt, that is when things start to get worse for myself. I have banged my head on the mantle of my life so many times, I should be unrecognizable by now. God allows us to struggle at times because it turns our focus towards Him.

We should always focus on God, but as human beings and the billions of distractions that are thrown at us everyday, it can be very difficult. I just know that any and every time I start to lose sight of Christ and His glory, he puts me in my place and lets me endure a hardship that makes me run back to Him flailing my arms and screaming like a little girl 🙂 .

That is the beauty of the love of Christ. No matter how many times we screw up, backslide, or do something stupid, He is always right behind us waiting for us to fall into his loving arms. God knows that we will falter, even before we do so, but He knows our hearts and yearning to become better for the body of Christ as a whole.

God tells us to use the gifts that He has given us and I know that I have wasted so much time not using mine. I am going to change that because I feel that God should not reward someone who is neglecting the gifts given to them. That has been my problem for so long now. I’ve been afraid to use what God has given me to glorify and spread His kingdom. How stupid and selfish am I?

I just know that I love Christ with everything within me. I just want my attitude, persona, and mind to follow to that accord. I have seen many valleys, struggles, (what have you in my time) and God has always, ALWAYS given me a way out.

If you are struggling, hurting, or needing guidance – PRAY. Talk to God as your best friend, as your Father. He already knows what you need, He is just waiting for you to ask for it. Just remember that He will do things in His time, not ours.

We must keep Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior first in our lives. Then He will show us the way out of any struggle that we endure.

My heart is a hazard and a cleft that widens each day
My anxiety swells to shamed, almost infinite pain
Freely I lay my transgressions and doubts by the way
My contradictions and uncertainties I always entertain

To take these from my strained heart, why would you?
To give me this inner peace in a baneful and vicious dwelling
Extracting the stains of a selfish past, why do you?
Where vigor lacks, my weakness for your love is swelling

Unanswered questions find truth in due time
The waiting is what inhibits my sense from serenity
That my heart can be unsoiled and also my mind
To take all misfortune and give a torn man dignity

My love for you is unquestioned and sincere
My faith in myself is my burden of ignorance
I just have to question, why do you hold me so dear?
Is it because your sacrifice bares our resemblance?

I carry on throughout tiredness and hesitation
A fall from the realms of greater and honorable men
I must fulfill my life’s worth and seek destination
Please exonerate me as I lay it down before you again

I am broken, fragmented, and much doubt lingers
As I come to you with bent hands and nimble fingers.
This darkness, the invisible love at which I stare
Knees to be bruised from the amount of much needed prayer.

I seek a trance, that your Spirit will overwhelm my frame.
That you grant lenience to my life, my faults, and my name.
The shadows that fill this room, they are not my own.
To hear the breath of your angels saying, “you are not alone”.

That forgiveness is too much to ask for and acquire
As I fate myself to descend from human, into heavenly desire.
I pray that you will forget, that my iniquity be consumed
As my heart amplifies His words, “with Me you are immune“.

Sharing a few things that pop in my head from time to time…

“I have no validation. “I” within Christ gives me a valid, meaningful life.”

“I cannot stand love. I cannot stand it to the point that I cannot live without it.”

“I do not give a damn what this world thinks. I only have to please God, so take your hate elsewhere.”

“Through all of my trials and downfalls, He is always right there waiting.”

“It really is amazing how much your ears open when your mouth is shut.”

“If you find that you love yourself more than others, you have sealed your destiny.”

“Pray for this man that fails to stop and tumbles over every cliff.”

“When you find success in faith, you find success in your life.
Just remember your success depends on where your faith is.”

“You don’t need your cake, why have it and eat it?”

“If the words God has blessed me with, brings one soul to Christ,
then it would be the greatest compliment to my life.”

“You have never laid eyes upon me, but I love and pray for you all.”

The greatest wealth I will ever accumulate
is sheltered from physical eyes to see.
The dance of silken angels hypnotizes my soul,
so that my heart shall dare not flee.

To reserve a glimpse of this heavenly grandeur,
although my life does not warrant it’s pleasure.
This beautiful failure that I rightfully am,
the defaulter who should not claim this treasure.

Brilliantly imbecilic is my calling to fame,
my pride, and my defiance are my human gifts.
To be reaped at your harvest from glorious works,
to fall into your ardent hands as you gently sift.

That today is the tomorrow that I prayed would pass,
striving to become a figment of your heart’s desire.
That your successful disappointment, shall do so again,
but with the will to be consumed by grace when I expire.

There is no expression or multitude of words
that can designate the love I have for you.
One would have to speak to my heart to truly
comprehend the astonishment of you, this truth.

Crystal waterfalls of abundant delectation,
flux my soul with the peace of your pleasantness.
The weeping willow of my heart does not hibernate,
because of the nurture, and tutelage of your carefulness.

That my structure is not broken, nor barren,
and I have indebtedness that exudes from my breath.
This silver lining of my epoch is compelled to
gratitude you have richly implemented through death.

This is not a visual perspective; my eyes do
not need to perceive this wondrous galore.
That which I speak of, my heart has the eyes,
and the conception of you I so infinitely adore.

The alabaster of my vitality is broken,
and my life is now torn from shreds of despair.
My heart mourns as no words can be spoken
and from this damage, dear God, can you repair?

This anguish, my breath still, shallow,
and my will to persevere is close to end.
That within the confines of your trust I follow
and my soul is yours to bless and renew again.

This tear in my heart is gaping, so painful,
and I pray that you fill it with your light.
My essence is trampled from this burden I pull
and my life needs your armor in this fight.

My alabaster is empty, it’s lost its savor
and these trials bring the depths of who I am.
That God seals my heart with the thread of the Savior,
that my life, and my alabaster will be filled again.

Bestowed upon me is the gift.
A bequest of the One, the Trinity.
Now before you scurry on, I’ll be swift.
Just hear me out, see the possibilities.

My soul and mind were being consumed by fear.
Annihilated by anathema, anger, and bitterness.
The incubus in my mind shred me to deathly tears.
My last gasp; my abdication from Hades wilderness.

Here is a metaphor
for you to explore.

Think of God as the breathing of air.
You do not view it, but it is there.
Think of Christ as the wind.
He is, swirls around, and is gone again.
Think of the presence of the Holy Spirit.
You feel the breeze and can also hear it.

I do not need my eyes to contemplate
this revision and the renewal I demonstrate.
From His last, He said it was finished; done.
Trinity. All three for the expense paid by

To bathe in the glory that alone is your praise;
Uncountable prayers for remission of my deviance.
The luminosity of your love that transcends all days;
As I falter and bow seeking merciful forgiveness.

To shout amongst the echoes of your prophets of old;
I reveal the stains that shadow my longing heart.
You unwind the path as my extensive journey unfolds;
I plead that my malfeasance of pride comes apart.

That my eyes can bask in the majesty of your extravagance;
As I fall into forgiveness that is not rightfully mine.
That your kingdom becomes the haven of my existence;
That your benevolent heart, through this odyssey I find.